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Spectral Souls 2.4 APK

Spectral Souls 2.4 APK

Seems like lot of user can't use the previous spectral souls i posted long before, so here v2.4 for you guys

How to install?
1. Copy the data to sdcard/
2. Install APK

What's the difference between original and ripped?
Ripped version offers ripped movie clips, I had resized the movie clip to smaller resolution, so it only needs 220MB to download, around 920MB when extracted
The original version, 470MB to download, more than 1.1 GB when extracted
Yeah, only little difference when extracted, but I think it's helpful for those with slow connection, but still, original version is recommended.

Spectral Souls 2.4 APK Just For Preview, If You Like Spectral Souls 2.4 APK Just purchase the original at google play.

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